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Christian Winters is passionate about teaching and loving people into dramatic and sustained change. Since very early in his life he has been teaching and impacting the lives of people both nationally and internationally. Christian is determined to dismantle the barriers that separate people of different ethnic, cultural, denominational, and socio-economic backgrounds. After leading campus ministries, church planting, pastoring, and leading international missionaries for over 20 years, Christian felt the unction to leave all that he knew about ministry and fully engage God about his original intent for His church. He was disheartened to observe very powerful gifts displayed by people inside of church buildings while the mission of the great commission went vastly unaccomplished. He retired to lead The Influencers International, a Christian Activist movement that encourages, trains and releases people to use their gifts in the broken parts of the world for the sole purpose of loving, healing and freeing people to share that same love that Christ gave them.

Christian received his BA in Secondary Education and Philosophy degrees from West Chester University and a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University. He has authored four books designed to help people translate Biblical principles into applicable skills for everyday life. Christian is determined to be a conduit for God wherever he is sent which has led to open doors to teaching in India, South America, Israel, throughout Africa and a host of other nations. To awaken hearts and minds, Christian Winters continues to close the door on fear, shame, and compromise. Christian coined the term Christian Activist to reintroduce the masses to spiritual principles and practical tools that lead to a more fulfilling, awakened, joyous, Christianity that allows people to make their personal impact on the world.

My passion is with the people. I have absolutely no desire to only enrich myself. I want to learn, so I can help teach others. I want to grow, so I can help build up my community. I just know that’s what I was born to do. It’s the only thing that satisfies my spirit.

                                                             - Christian Winters