14:41 I Left Church to Serve God



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What's Next for the Church? 

My hope is that this book causes you to dissect the time you've spent serving in church and to determine how much of it has advanced the biblical mission Jesus left for us to accomplish. Always remember this my friend, Truth is what God said. Religion is what man said God said.

Becoming the person of your dreams is not something you wish for it is something you’re changed into. I have served God and the church in teaching ministry since the age of fourteen. I traveled internationally and pastored churches until I was prompted to stop at age forty-one and consider whether the church has kept the mission that Jesus died for. After much anguish and hesitation I had to admit that we haven’t. I believe there is an indictment against the church for its disregard of the mandate that Jesus founded the church upon. My ultimate question is have we built God’s church or our own? Has branding ourselves taken the focus away from the Great Commission? I fear that we have fallen more in love with the culture of our churches, denominations and celebrations than the mandate of Jesus Christ, which was to love extravagantly and serve relentlessly. This book is a journey of my life in leadership from 14 to 41 and how the story of Nehemiah inspired me to leave the comforts of our churches and serve people outside of ourselves that have had the walls and gates of their lives burned down.