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At some point the applause, finances, and notoriety your gift produced won’t matter, because none of it provides an escape from your own frailties. I mastered the art of holding it all together while, personally,  falling apart. Pain is a powerful tool in the development of your gift but it should not continue to be your guide.

We will help you operate your local or global initiatives from a healed heart which allows you to build using wisdom and not past fears. No one should be left alone to juggle public success and private failure. What’s the point of scaling the business and not the person or people driving the vision!


Markys Mackey, CEO, Verity Construction,

Christian is the true definition of a culture shifter. His mind spans beyond wisdom and his words solves complex problems. He’s more than just a consultant, he’s a North Star. Christian has gotten me to think differently about many things as if pertains to life, business, and being a Christian. He has made an indelible mark on my life. Christian was a huge driving force of my construction business growing from $0 to $4 million in the first year


Charles Sledge, Senior Pastor, The Revival Center  

Christian Winters always has a way of opening your mind to your own full potential. Each and every time I talk to him I leave more focused and with clarity regarding Gods plan for my life and the impact that i must have on my generation. If you want your business to take off, your personal ministry to flourish or your life to change then I recommend you not hesitating to reach out for services. Help helped me to understand my ministry and our Church The Revival Center was birthed to be a unique ministry meeting the needs of people.

About Christian

Guiding people to purpose is one of Christian's intrinsic qualities. The passion to see people become who they born to become led Christian to Pastor and plant churches in Pennsylvania and around the globe for over 21 years. Christian received his B.A. in Philosophy/secondary Education and his Masters in Organizational leadership and has taught on stages large and small. Sharing his wisdom with leaders in straw structures in India to stadiums in Africa but he conclusively notes that his favorite platform is at a table one on one with a leader passionate to continue but in search for the keys to continue. Christian’s prayer is that God would allow him to be a guide and guard to people who effect change in the world around them. It’s unfair to die under the expectations of other having never chased your own. “You have a purpose, let’s do it healthy”