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Christian Winters invested 21 years of his life pastoring, planting churches and teaching internationally. He was sure that he hit his stride in ministry until God instructed him to leave it all. After five years of wrestling with such a heavy command, he obeyed God. Over a three year period of intense self-reflection Christian understood that many of his greatest inner battles and constant feelings of failure were a result of how he viewed himself and how he viewed God. Christian's message is that we are more than strivers and sufferers and Christ is more than a savior. Jesus was an activist who raised activist that expressed their love with their gifts daily. Christian is carrying on that same mission, which is The Great Commission!

So what is a Christian Activist?

A person who boldly executes the mission of Christ by using their gifts to fulfill the mission of love, service and giving which display the true power of the Gospel in action. Churches are full of extremely gifted people that should be using those gifts to effect change in the world. There is no hierarchy or corporate ladder to climb in the kingdom of God. Every person counts! Every gift matters! You were born with a place in this world. You were created to make an impact! Christian Winters lives every day to see people, actually, come into the fullness of who they are and the power that God put in them. Your Christianity is so much more than a certain seat every week. 


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